The Watch Tower

We serve a vegetarian substantial and delicious breakfast. The food and drink we offer is from Waitrose and (when available) Fairtrade, organic, and either free of palm oil and soya products or containing sustainable palm oil and soya products.

We serve muesli, cornflakes and weetabix, fresh bread (brown with seeds, brown plain, or white), butter, Marmite, jams and marmalade, particularly tasty free-range eggs, sliced vegetarian cheddar, fresh tomatoes, juice, fresh coffee (including decaffeinated), semi-skimmed milk, and ordinary tea (including decaffeinated), Earl Grey, white tea, green tea, and a selection of Pukka herb/flower teas.

We provide a kettle, an electric toaster, and an electric egg boiler.  However, we are happy to make you scrambled eggs or an omelette instead of boiled eggs.  With grilled tomatoes.

The various teas, together with instant coffee (ordinary and decaffeinated) remain in the guest suite, together with a jug of semi-skimmed milk in the fridge.

Please ask us (reasonably in advance of your stay) if you would like soya milk, gluten-free cereal and bread, oatcakes, rice cakes, and/or sugar-free jams.

We are obliged by law to list all allergens and you will find such lists in our visitors' information book kept in the guest suite.