The Watch Tower

Price and availability

£112.00 per night including breakfast.  Two-night minimum for bookings please.

Deposit and balance

We take a non-refundable deposit of half the total amount.
Please pay by bank transfer or cheque - we provide details on booking.

We're are open every day of the year.  All seasons on Dungeness have a particular charm. Summer brings a brilliant array of red poppies and blue-mauve viper's bugloss amid one third of all British wildflower species.  Or come in winter for its huge, pink-tinted skies.  Spring and autumn bring migrating birds of course. The sea is wonderful at all times and Dungeness even in the fog is satisfyingly mysterious.


We are open 365 days per year. Every season is uniquely lovely. Dungeness is an important migratory pathway for birds in both autumn and spring. In winter we have vast, pink-tinted skies that colour the white dwellings pink too. It is far more private in winter. From spring to summer you can watch the growth of red and yellow poppies, golden gorse and stunning blue-mauve viper's bugloss, not to mention all the glorious wildflowers. The sea is wonderful at all times and Dungeness in mist or fog is satisfyingly mysterious.